SocketScan® S760 汎用バーコードスキャナー & Travel IDリーダー(充電スタンド付き)

¥79,761 (税込)

Many apps , such as Smaregi, AirREGI, Square, and Loyverse, include native support for Socket Mobile scanners.

SocketScan S760 is a general-purpose Bluetooth barcode scanner and travel ID reader that can read not only standard 1D and 2D barcodes, but DotCodes as well as MRZ and travel IDs on passports. At the duty-free shop, you can scan the 1D barcode on the product, the 1D/2D barcode on your smartphone, and the MRZ of your passport with one S760, so you can save space with a small counter. It's also significantly cheaper than buying a barcode scanner and passport reader separately.

In addition, this product comes with a "charging stand". If you put the scanner on the stand, you can not only charge it but also scan the barcode automatically by holding the 1D/2D barcode. I will.

This barcode scanner has a colorful and stylish design that will catch your eye at retail stores.

Setting up and connecting the scanner and host device is easy with the Companion App .

In addition, we have prepared an SDK for application developers to incorporate the functions of this scanner into their applications, which enables high-speed and highly reliable processing for data transfer via Bluetooth.

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      Same thing:

      • S760 body (2000mAh AA (LR6) NiMH rechargeable battery x2)
      • Charging stand
      • charging cable
      • wrist strap


      • Bluetooth- Connects wirelessly with a host equipped with Bluetooth, so work efficiency is dramatically improved.
      • Apple® for iOS Certified – Guaranteed Connectivity with iOS Devices
      • Scanningscan 2D/1D at high speed from any angle. The easy-to-see and eye-safe LED aimer allows you to instantly beam the scanned barcode.
      • Auto Scan Mode-Mode to scan by simply holding the bar code without pressing the scan button
      • LED Aimer- Bright, square illumination with LED dots that allows you to hit the beam accurately and instantly.
      • Unrivaled Ease of Use- Small and lightweight, and designed to fit in the palm of your hand, you won't get tired from long hours of work.
      • Easy-to-see indicator – 3 LEDs that are intuitive and easy to see. Bluetooth connection status, battery level, scan status
      • Scan Success Confirmation- You will know that the scan was successful due to vibration as well as the beep.
      • Long Battery- 16 hours continuous operation.
      • Commercially available rechargeable battery – Commercially available AA NiMH rechargeable battery (x2) is used. When the battery reaches the end of its life, it can be replaced at any time immediately and inexpensively, so there is no interruption in business and there is almost no replacement cost.
      • Wearable-A wrist strap is included. Optional holsters and roll-up clips are available.
      • Designed and manufactured in the USA
      • Extensive developer support

        Click here for optional accessories .



        Scanner & Charging Stand Bundle
        S760 (Blue) with Charging Stand
        S760 (Green) with Charging Stand
        S760 (Red) with Charging Stand
        S760 (White) with Charging Stand
        S760 (Yellow) with Charging Stand


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